Atlas Jeans


It's time to upgrade your wardrobe with this

top-drawer jeans.

Atlas Jeans come with 30 denim options, 

optional chains and optional patch designs.

Click any image and zoom.

Compatible with Jake, Gianni, Slink & Enzo.

Compatible with most of your shoes & tops, but needless to say, demo first!


All materials and auto-hides are enabled. 

Waiting for you at the inworld store.


Atlas jeans have basic 10 denim tones and 3 denim finish variations for each;


Stoned &

-hype / our favorite- Bleached!

Bored with

cookie cutter designs

and in the mood to play?


We've got you covered.

You can Mix&Match every feature.

Select your denim tone, select your denim finish, select your design, decide if you want chains and create your unique look.

Atlas Jeans have something for every taste, so make it yours. 

Check out your options below.

10 Tones + 3 Different Denim Finishes for each tone

5 Chain Metal Options

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