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Hi Guys,

We are happy to announce that the cozy little store of our new brand BUTTERSCOTCH (BTS) opened today! 

So here are some details about the brand & Eron.

He has been one of my secret weapons, one of the heroes behind the scenes for the brand TORI TORRICELLI (TT).  

We have been working side by side in our office since day one. Among other things, he is a talented texture artist and the wizard of HUDs. Although you may not know him by name, you are already familiar with his work in all TT products. 
Today, our new sim BUTTERSCOTCH opened to the public, and soon TT will move its store to the same sim for shoppers' and our convenience.

BUTTERSCOTCH will focus on male fashion only, including clothing and accessories. We'll keep our united efforts to bring different styles and vibes. So basically, every BUTTERSCOTCH product will be some kind of collaboration.

Come and visit the new sim, brand is young yet offers many goodies!

SLurl button below.


With love,
Tori Torricelli

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