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This long sleeve henley shirts are sprayed with testosterone.  


They are beyond seasons and beyond trends.

Comes in 41 options, 

including 6 oil washed and 5 prints.


You can turn on/off the leather biker label.

Click any image and zoom.

Compatible with Jake, Gianni, Slink & Enzo.

Each pack have 2 different sizes. So you can match them with most of your jeans, pants & shorts.

All materials and auto-hides are enabled.

Waiting for you at Man Cave April Round with 50% limited time fatpack discount for VIP members.


50% Discount


All VIP Group members have limited-time 50% discount on all new released Fatpacks. New members are also eligible for discount. To join the group simply copy paste the following line in your local chat and hit ctrl+h to click it;


Don't forget to activate your group tags before touching the vendors. If you accidentally touched the vendor without a tag, wait for 45 seconds before touching the vendor again to let the vendor time-out from previous settings. 


If you missed this one, all is not lost. Become a VIP to get informed for the next big discount and get 10% on this one.

One-time VIP group membership fee is L$ 250 and non-refundable. We reserve the right to change the discount amount and/or VIP membership fee anytime without notice.



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